Michharry & Company (Nig.) Limited


Michharry & Company (Nig.) Limited

Michharry & Company (Nig.) Limited has been a foremost provider of offshore and onshore facilities for the oil and gas industry since 1992. The company has worked directly with Oil companies operating in Nigeria as a main contractor and also International Oil companies as a sub-contractor. We are also into marine vessels and equipment supply services and environmental laboratory consultancy.

We offer a comprehensive suite of experience, resources and capability to carry out project planning and execution processes, supply marine vessels and equipment for both offshore and onshore operations to multinational companies in the oil and gas industry and having been involved in the execution of projects in the land, swamp, offshore and deep water terrains of the Niger Delta and beyond. Our operational, technical and safety procedures are revolutionary. We consistently employ the latest technology throughout our vessels worldwide, while driving the development of new technology in anticipation of our clients' needs. Our execution strategy is in accordance with existing International and National Standards and any specification(s) required by our clients'.

Etopo Control is the only indigenous company in Nigeria that own and operate 200class lift boats. These lift boats are outfitted to support clients' construction, maintenance, production enhancement, and decommissioning projects. We own and operate L/B LAYEMAMU, a class 200 jack up barges. We also maintain instrumentation & electrical, civil, and mechanical equipment used in the petroleum, process, power and construction industries. In addition to the maintenance of these customized products, Etopo Control provides turnkey engineering, procurement and construction and installation (EPIC) services on mechanical, electrical and instrumentation projects. Etopo Control also provides environmental consultancy and laboratory services.

Over the years, the company has executed several projects, which include SPDC, TEXACO, CHEVRON, and NNPC to mention a few. The equipment maintenance workshop is well equipped with modern facilities for the repair of mechanical equipment, electrical, instrument/control panels etc.; our jetty that houses our various vessels is situated at Ogunu, Warri. With reputation for professionalism and successful partnering with our clients has put us at the forefront of marine support providers for complex deep-water developments. There are well-qualified engineers, captains, vessel masters, technicians, and quality control officers who man these vessels and workshop/laboratory facilities to ensure that quality works are carried out for our clients. The staffs are Nigerians and are well trained in line with our policy of human resources development.

The principal managers of Etopo Control are Nigerians who have more than twenty years of experience in their respective fields.

We also maintain highly qualified academicians as consultants on a call-off basis for our environmental consultancy services. In today's market, there is no substitute for professionalism. Etopo Control personnel, both shore-side and aboard vessels are committed to safety and service excellence.


As a leading and successful marine, engineering, construction, environmental consultancy and analytical laboratory services company offering integrated services to both national and multinational companies, Etopo Control adopts a consistent business/philosophy providing:

  • Effective and adequate maintenance of all marine vessels.
  • Effective and consistent quality materials/equipment and logistics services through all stages of a project.
  • Attention to the linkages of all components of engineering, material procurement, installation and construction (EPIC) process into an integrated project.
  • Attention to safety through quality design & practices.
  • Open communication and consultations through all stages of a project.
  • Transfer of technology and manpower training.
  • Comprehensive project planning.
  • Environmental protection.


Our goal is client’s satisfaction through the provision of prompt and quality services with the required technical standards that will be delivered on a timely schedule for all engineering services and environmental consultancy and analytical laboratory works.

Management’s objectives are to establish Michharry & Company (Nig.) Limited as:

  • the best offshore marine vessels supplier in West Africa with focus on Lift boats and Supply Vessels.
  • the best fully integrated engineering and construction cost effective solutions provider to client’s needs with high safety and quality standards in the oil and gas industry and
  • the best environmental consultant, providing excellent services in environmental consultancy and analytical laboratory services.

ECSN brings together an integrated range of multi-discipline personnel from different background, Locals, Nigerian Overseas-trained, and Expatriates, offering synergy and added value in a highly competitive and economically motivated market in engineering, environmental consultancy and analytical laboratory services.

Our focus is on performance, operational efficiency, safety and careful evaluation of requisition, risk and utilization of resources to the best effect ensuring success and value for money.

Our business is dependent upon professional, technical and commercial skills as well as carefully targeted investment strategy. The crucial element of performance lies in the ability to provide high quality services using highly qualified personnel.

We will continue to anticipate clients demand by constantly enhancing the range and quality of information technology (IT) capabilities, thus providing the highest quality of services, utilizing its assets to the full potential. Through this philosophy Etopo Control Marine, Engineering/Environmental Consultancy/Laboratory Services ensure that every service rendered is the best in its class.